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Unique workflows drive our back and middle-office solution for renewable energy.

Benefit from real-time reconciled revenues to budget, dynamic NAV calculations, optimised capital efficiency, drill-back to invoice and consolidation at any level.

Powered by experts and technology, we’re your new data driven back and middle-office.

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Reconciled revenue and accurate net cash figures consolidated at a click.

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We don’t sit on the sidelines. Our team has a combined 50+ years experience in developing, financing and managing renewable energy assets.

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NAV calculations are time consuming and the fundamental data they are based on is often out-of-date or inaccurate. This is a compliance and risk issue for the board and a major concern for investors.

With our Quality Dynamic Budgeting (QDB) system we keep an asset-life budget up to date and put you in control of your NAV.

Cash forecasting and efficient funds flow, when done correctly, means you're doing more with less capital.

With our Quality Dynamic Budgeting (QDB) system we keep an asset-life budget up to date.

We also go one step further beyond the normal cash flow statement to a Quality Detailed Cash Flow (QDCF) statement of actual cash in the multitude of banks accounts. Combined we can forecast with a high degree of accuracy your cash position at the end of the period. Cash sweeps, funds flow and distributions analysis has never been easier.

Benchmark your costs across a portfolio, tender for services and drive down costs. Spot outliers, identify the best suppliers and conduct portfolio reviews quickly and efficiently.

Labour intensive jobs like budgeting, managing audits, revenue reconciliations, pay runs etc. etc. etc. drive up the cost of the middle-office.

We automate all of the time consuming financial workflows using Quality Dynamic Budget (QDB) and Quality Invoice Enrichment (QIE) so you get a scalable best-in-class platform to run your business from.

Having all your data standardised at GL level & comparable, is the bedrock of a scaling asset manager. Through integration and outsourcing to us, we bring all your data to a consistent standard GL mapping. From there, we reproduce a uniform set of statements using our Quality Statement Generator (QSG) and compare everything to budget.

One single source of the truth. We can integrate with your partners to remove friction and cost.

Whether you're developing a green field site or investing capex in an existing asset, we can streamline the workflows and keep the spend in check.

We tag all invoices to a PO, contract or milestone, noting any contingency spend, withholding taxes, retention amounts using out Quality Invoice Enrichment (QIE) process. We avoid fines enable drill back to invoice/contract and automate the utilisation requests and pay-runs, with 100% transparency.

Fincovi are responsive and flexible in their approach and we have no hesitation in recommending their services to other independent power producers active in the renewable energy market in Ireland.

Maximillian Langer
Operations Development Manager, Encavis AG

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